Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Open letter: Please save the Kurds of Kobanê by getting in contact with the UK and Cyprus!

to the British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the President of Cyprus and the US Secretary of State

Dear Mr Rt Hon Philip Hammond,
Dear Mr Nikos Anastasiadis,
Dear Mr John Kerry,

according to the Washington post, U.N. Special Envoy for Syria, Mr Staffan de Mistura, found the right words and drew the exact comparisons WP: "U.N envoy invokes Srebrenica massacre in call for help for Syrian town of Kobanel"

It is obvious that Turkey is neither willing to help the Kurds nor to avoid that Srebrenica and Rwanda will repeat, although it would have nothing to do than just simply open the US Air base in Incirlik and stop cutting the Kurdish reinforcements as well as humanitarian help BBC video: Turkey stops Kurds from entering Syria to fight Islamic State).
If Turkey does not want to cooperate without insisting on it’s maximalist demands for a dangerous “buffer zone” (Rebwar Rashed: "NO to Turkey´s ‘Buffer Zone’ in West Kurdistan!"), we have to let negociations go and look for a reasonable alternative, which is more than obvious.

As Mr de Mistura said, there can be no doubt about the international communities' responsibilty to help. If it keeps on waiting for the Turkish government, that is insisting only on it’s own national interests, not caring about massacres and cruelties carried out by ISIS and seeking only to destroy Kurdish democratic movement in Northern Syria, please kindly realize that this is unavoidable. If these senseless negociations continue, each current government on earth will be guilty and blamed by future generations.

The international community must contact Cyprus immediately and think about the use of the British Royal Air Force Station Akrotiri (Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia) in order to support the Kurdish defenders with Apache helicopters, that already served to avoid massacres in Kosovo in 1999.
The Apache's average operating range is about 296 miles.
The distance from RAF Akrotiri to Kobanê is less than 330 miles. So, please find a way to make this life-saving alternative become real; e.g. try to equip the infantry base in Dhekelia with petrol and weapons to arm the helicopters and you can save another 45 miles. This may not work with jets, but seems to me like a realistic way to act with helicopters.

I am appealing to your humanity, please react immediately and save the lives of thousands of Kurds, Syriacs, Armenians and other ethnicities living peacefully together in the town of Kobanê defending the democratic values they obtained within the last two years.

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

Ataturk, il razzismo contro i curdi, armeni, siriani e greci onnipresente in Turchia e i curdi della città di Kobane

Sempre più storici scriveranno la verità su Ataturk.

Si celebra in Turchia come un Dio, ma in realtà era un razzista senza eguali.

La sua costituzione è stata orientata verso quella di Mussolini e Stalin.
In aggiunta suo governo è responsibile per i massacri contro i curdi a Zilan 1930 e Dersim 1938 e contro gli ebrei di Tracia 1934.

Collaborando anche con la prima femminista turca, Halide Edip Adivar, ha rubato l'identità di migliaia di orfani sopravvissuti al genocidio dell'Impero Ottomano, precedente della Turchia di oggi, contro 2,5 millioni di armeni, siriani e greci.
La preoccupazione principale della sua politica era sempre la monoetnicizzazione.

La politica della NATO non ha permesso agli scienziati di pubblicare questi risultati per decenni, perché avevano bisogno della Turchia come testa di ponte contro l'Unione Sowjetique.

Gli storici possono pubblicare ora, ma il razzismo contro i curdi, armeni, siriani e greci è sempre onnipresente in Turchia.
Soprattutto in quei giorni, quando il governo turco sostiene i terroristi del stato islamico contro i curdi nella città di Kobane.

Stefan Ihring (Harvard University): Atatürk in the Nazi Imagination

Ecco un video da ieri sera registrato nella città di Adana: estremisti di destra turcha si riuniscono e si armato per attaccare i dimostratori per i curdi di Kobane.
Essi si presentano con il saluto dei Lupi Grigi (organizzazione di estrema destra fondato da un fan di Hitler, Alparslan Turkes) e cantano l'inno di estrema destra "Şehitler ölmez, vatan bölünmez" (martiri non muoiono, il paese non si divide).
La polizia non intervengono! Invece, ringraziano questi razzisti!

Da Giovedi 41 manifestanti curdi sono stati uccisi dalle forze dello stato turco e di contro-manifestanti di estrema destra.

Video del politico curdo Osman Baydemir

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

We all will be asked about the Kurdish heroes defending Kobanê

What's happening right now in and around Kobanê, will be the basis for world class films in a few years. I am honestly afraid that instead of epics with a happy ending they will be tragedies. In any case, we all - although only very few ones are realizing this fact now – will ask ourselves, or what maybe even more unpleasant, will be asked, what we did in these moments, as the attacks carried out by the inhuman murder gangs of ISIS aimed on the Kurdish town of Kobanê. Furthermore we all will be asked about our opinions in the face of this historical moment.

Even those who currently remain indifferent to the besieged Kurdish freedom fighters will remember my words. At least, maybe in two, maybe in five years, when one of their relatives or friends will come back from this planet’s cinemas with a crying face and bunches of paper handkerchiefs soaked with tears, they will remember those words.

Others who are now showing horrible lacks of humanity by silently or even loudly feeling and expressing support for the murderous scum and the scum of the ISIS will be ashamed, or as for such kind of people always use to do, deny, what a disgusting position they will have supported.

Still others will be able to proudly say: "I was on the road and have manifested for the heroic Kurdish defenders, who do not just defend a strategically less important town named Kobanê in West Kurdistan (Northern Syria), but first and foremost all the ideals and principles like the equality of the sexes, religions and ethnicities, that Western societies claim to be proud of, but today take for granted much too often.

I'll have to admit that I was restlessly sitting in a hotel room in Switzerland and to have sent those words to only a few hundred people, while I expected some business appointments that may seem important to me, but made me feel so small compared to the heroes struggling for freedom in Kobanê at the same time.
Even, if not now and even if it will be too late for those Kurdish heroes, we all will realize in a couple of years that what is going on there is a modern Iliad.

The counterpart to Homer's Hector of Troy in these days are Kurdish fighters like Jailan Diren (The Kurdistan Tribune: To Jailan) who preferred to commit suicide, after a heroic fight for her liberal ideals and the freedom and independence of their people, instead of being enslaved, or Arin Mirkan, who surrounded by the members of the gang of murderers, even sacrificed herself to the burden of more than 70 of these perverse beings off her fellow fighters (YPG Arin Mirkan, Hero in the Earth & in the Heaven).

They deserve more respect, appreciation and admiration than any pop star, football club or fashion guru.
It will take some years until the stories of these freedom fighters will conquer cinemas all over the world. But, there is no doubt about that this will happen and their deaths will not have been in vain!